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Friend 2 (2013) (English)

friend 2

After 17 years in prison, Lee Jeong Suk is a free man. But when he comes out, he discovers quickly that he no longer is a powerful man. Now he must fight to regain the throne, and he is assisted by a young man who has a known father from the past. Read More »

Gangnam Blues (2015) (English)

gangnam blues

In the 70s, corrupt politicians and criminal gangs was after properties in the Gangnam area. Why? Because of money, because they knew that someday Seoul had to expand. Two childhood friends sees the opportunity to make big money, but they have to go over bodies to succeed with their plan. Read More »

Moebius (2013) (English)


A family man is cheating on his wife, and his wife is out for revenge. A night when the husband and son are sleeping, she tries to cut off the husband’s penis. She fails with that attempt, so she finds out that she is going to try the same thing with her own son. She successfully cut off the penis of her son, and now the father tries everything he can do to help his son. That is, everything from orgasm to a possible penis transplantation. Read More »

Ring of Curse (2011) (English)

ring of curse

A schoolgirl has written a curse that kills persons one by one. Anyone reading this curse is strangled after a while. Now one of the girls who knew about the curse must try to stop it, for she made a mistake in the past that can kill her. Read More »

The Book Thief (2013)

the book thief

Vi følger en ung jente som får nye fosterforeldre under andre verdenskrig. Hun blir veldig interessert i bøker, og hun får en ny romkamerat som er en jøde på flukt. Read More »