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Ring of Curse (2011) (English)

ring of curse

A schoolgirl has written a curse that kills persons one by one. Anyone reading this curse is strangled after a while. Now one of the girls who knew about the curse must try to stop it, for she made a mistake in the past that can kill her. Read More »

The Book Thief (2013)

the book thief

Vi følger en ung jente som får nye fosterforeldre under andre verdenskrig. Hun blir veldig interessert i bøker, og hun får en ny romkamerat som er en jøde på flukt. Read More »

The Prey (2011)

the prey

En bankraner må rømme fra fengsel når en gal seriemorder har kidnappet datteren hans. Personen han beskyttet under soningen viser seg ikke å være en uskyldig mann, og med politiet like bak i hælene må han finne seriemorderen før han selv blir arrestert av politiet som nå tror at han er seriemorderen. Read More »

Soul (2013) (English)


A man collapses at work. The doctors don’t know what’s wrong with him, so he is sent up to his father, who lives at a place that is isolated. The sister of the man is also there. One day when the father comes home, he finds his daughter lying on the floor in a pool of blood, it is the son who has killed her. Now the father will do anything to help his son. He must hide the body of his dead daughter, and he also must hide his son so that no one else can come close to him. For it turns out that he has been possessed by an evil demon. Read More »

Wolf Warrior (2015) (English)

wolf warrior

A soldier kills the brother of a dangerous man. Under a military exercise, the dangerous man sends a group of mercenaries to kill the man who killed his brother. That’s called bad timing! Read More »

Tomako in Moratorium (2013) (English)

Tomako in Moratorium

We follow a young woman who just have finished university in Tokyo. She moves back home to her father, she does not contribute with anything, the only thing she does is the sleeping, eating, playing videogames and reading comics. Read More »